A Framework Profile of .NET

To appear in Proceedings of WCRE 2011

Ralf Lämmel, Rufus Linke, Ekaterina Pek, and Andrei Varanovich

We develop a basic form of framework comprehension which is based on simple, reuse-related metrics for the as-implemented design and usage of frameworks. To this end, we provide a framework profile which incorporates potential reuse characteristics (e.g., specializability of types in a framework) as well as actual reuse characteristics (e.g., evidence of specialization of framework types in projects). We apply framework comprehension in an empirical study of the Microsoft .NET Framework. The approach is helpful in several contexts of software reverse and re-engineering.

framework, .NET, framework design, framework usage, framework profile, reuse, type specialization, late binding, polymorphism, inheritance, program comprehension, software metrics, dynamic program analysis.

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The Diploma Thesis by R. Linke contains additional details, e.g., details of implementation.