Reflections on Courses for Software Language Engineering

Conditionally accepted to the Educators Symposium at MODELS 2014

Anya Helene Bagge, Ralf Lämmel, and Vadim Zaytsev

Software Language Engineering (SLE) has emerged as a field in computer science research and software engineering, but it has yet to become entrenched as part of the standard curriculum at universities. Many places have a compiler construction (CC) course and a programming languages (PL) course, but these are not aimed at training students in typical SLE matters such as DSL design and implementation, language workbenches, generalized parsers, and meta-tools. We describe our experiences with developing and teaching software language engineering courses at the Universities of Bergen and Koblenz-Landau. We reflect on lecture topics, assignments, development of course material, and other aspects and variation points in course design.

SLE. Education. Compiler Construction. Programming Language Theory. Model Driven Engineering. Megamodeling.

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