Modeling the Linguistic Architecture of Software Products

In Proceedings of MODELS 2012

Jean-Marie Favre, Ralf Lämmel, and Andrei Varanovich

Understanding modern software products is challenging along several dimensions. In the past, much attention has been focused on the logical and physical architecture of the products in terms of the relevant components, features, files, and tools. In contrast, in this paper, we focus on the linguistic architecture of software products in terms of the involved software languages and related technologies, and technological spaces with linguistic relationships such as membership, subset, or conformance. We develop a designated form of megamodeling with corresponding language and tool support. An important capability of the megamodeling approach is that entities and relationships of the megamodel are linked to illustrative software artifacts. This is particularly important during the understanding process for validation purposes. We demonstrate such megamodeling for a technology for Object/XML mapping. This work contributes to the 101companies community project.

Megamodel. Linguistic architecture. Software language. Software technology. Technological space. Object/XML mapping. MegaL.

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