Axioms of linguistic architecture

Published in proceedings of MODELSWARD 2017

Marcel Heinz, Ralf Lämmel and Andrei Varanovich

In documenting software technologies (e.g., web application or modeling or object/relational mapping frameworks) and specifically when discussing technology usage scenarios, one aims at identifying and classifying the involved entities (e.g., languages and artifacts); one also aims at relating the entities (e.g., through conformance or I/O behavior of program execution). In this paper, we present a logic-based axiomatization (an emerging ontology) for the underlying types of entities and relationships, thereby formalizing recurring documentation idioms such as 'a software system (e.g., a Java application) to use a technology (e.g., a test library)' or 'a technology (e.g., a web application framework) to facilitate a certain concept (e.g., the MVC pattern)'. The axiomatization is illustrated by examples applying to the Eclipse Modeling Framework. The inclusion of types of entities and relationships is driven and thus validated by a literature survey on megamodeling.

Software technology. Software language. Axiomatization. Ontology. Linguistic architecture. Megamodeling.

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